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the collective: pop up dinner series x The Energy Kitchen

Only 6 more sleeps till our next pop up dinner!

We are SO excited, first to be working with some seriously cool chefs (The Energy Kitchen, Hip and Healthy, Pandachu, Pronto Pasta), and secondly to be able to host the dinner in such a great place! We love that people are putting so much thought into their interior decor, and The Energy Kitchen has a playful, earthy vibe that has so much potential to add onto in terms of building the decor for an event. Keep an eye on things, well be posting up photos of how it all went down and probably be doing a lot of excited Instagram chatter leading up to Sunday. We maxxed out our capacity so much faster than we expected and are so pleased to see so much interest in a healthy food event in Brunei!

Can't wait to meet everyone getting involved in this community dinner, and just have a fun night sharing good food and good conversation. Till Sunday!

the collective

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