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pop up dinner: The Energy Kitchen

We have finally started recovering from the rush of Sunday nights pop up dinner and been able to sort through the photos and recap the night in all its fun and glory. Well, cohesively enough to write about it!

If we had to pick a phrase to describe the dinner, it would be 'A Labour of Love'. Not to get too warm and fuzzy but from the volunteers who came by on the day to help out, the artists that pitched in to create chalk art on the blackboards, the people who came to dinner and were so supportive, to the cooks who wore their hearts on their (chef) sleeves, to Wu Chun (who owns the restaurant) dropping by, there was definitely a sense of community about the event which is exactly what we were hoping for.

We saw people making new friends, and old friends catching up, and in general, everyone just enjoying what was kind of a foreign experience.

Our inspiration for the look and feel of the dinner was Kinfolk, with it's rustic, earth driven aesthetic being the perfect fit for the space. We created an archway for the entrance, with the foliage being sourced responsibly from our own gardens, and extended that look inside the restaurant, with terrariums, and cacti jars being a strong feature. We also asked local guitarist Sai (who we spotted at an acoustic performance for Chez Fio) to drop by and play a little guitar which he obligingly did.

The food was a mix of healthy and clean eating princicples and it was refreshing to see Bruneians embracing new flavours and textures openly. We can't play favourites, but dessert is always our favourite course so it had a clear advantage!

To see photos of the night head to our Facebook page.

We can't wait til our next pop up! To keep in the loop, follow us on Instagram!

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