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What a whirlwind of a half year it's been. We've held 5 creative arts festivals and braid bars, collaborated with ISB on their Summer Fayre, done a bit of press, collaborated on a Happy video for Brunei with EmmaGoodEgg and Origin Films, met a whole bunch of creatives in Brunei and are now kicking on with getting creative with food, with our pop up dinner series.

That's no excuse for leaving our site-baby unattended, but, neglected no more, we've updated everything so it doesn't look like some weird site that belongs in a cyber-graveyard.

We've been getting a lot of questions about how people can collaborate with us, or whether we do certain types of projects. The best answer is still "email us!", because we're pretty much open for anything and everything! We're adventurous like that.

Aside from that, you'll get a pretty good idea of what's coming up, and what we've done, etc via the site. We'll continue to blog about what we're up to, what we're wearing, things we love, and maybe even things we hate if you like rant-posts. Kidding, we preach niceness, so, no hate.

The best is yet to come. Be ready!

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